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We made Ain for two reasons: because developing games is fun, and because we wanted to have something to show off for the Game Developers Conference. It utilizes DirectDraw 7, DirectX8 Audio, and perhaps at a later date, DirectPlay. We've tried to make it very object oriented, and as it stands, changing the gameplay is very easy. Currently we have AI for up to 4 computer ships, support for two human players on the same keyboard, six different ships, four different weapons, and a nifty menu system. So give it a spin! But don't take my word for it, download our latest version with source!

We wrote Ain as a learning experience and also to show off a bit of our skills. It's a very simple game, with a simple premise: You fly around in space trying to kill the other spaceship while avoiding planets. Your ship and your missiles are affected by the gravity of the planets, and they orbit around each other by their mutual gravity.
Instead of standard-fare explosions, we've decided to go with BOOM! POW! and BOING! It just looks cool. But then, Keith Wood makes everything look cool. Of course, sound effects can't be replaced, so we have those too. Tom Hagerman, of DeVotchKa fame, whipped up a sweet soundtrack just for us, so we feel pretty special.

These guys rock. Send them all your spare hundred dollar bills - minus our cut.
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